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interdisciplinary  designer
&  educator 
  BA, BEd

Tkaranto, Ontario, Canada

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anna t.   nguyen

Anna (she/her) completed her education with a Bachelor's Degree (with Honours) in English and Humanities, as well as a Graduate Degree in Master of Teaching. 

Being raised by an immigrant household, and within a marginalized neighbourhood, she grew up hyper-aware of racially and culturally-sensitive issues. With that, she worked as an educator within the Jane-Finch community and Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Her experiences ultimately led her to develop a community-based approach throughout areas in her work.

Anna has been fortunate to have worked in various fields, such as: marketing, social media, graphic design, copywriting, videography, photography and education.


As a self-taught creative, Anna currently specializes in Identity Design and Brand Strategy–within marketing and education.


She also works closely with community members to develop narrative-driven design and strategies. Overall, her creative services aim to help inclusive brands and non-profits design their stories for community impact.

resume     experience

  Digital Educator/Designer

I worked alongside the Gen Chosen team to curate and develop branding materials and marketing strategies for their educational content, events and charitable projects. I further worked as an educator to help train junior staff members in digital marketing skills–using storytelling and impactful dialogue. We practiced meaningful design, videography and social media strategies to support the emotional intelligence and accessibility needs of underserved youth. 

  Digital Media Specialist

I managed the digital framework of the studio. I helped increase local and social presence by designing marketing material such as: flyers, business cards and website. I further developed policies for protection, and prepared professionally written contracts/ documents, such as: consent forms and aftercare pamphlets. With that, I also efficiently managed online operations by updating designs to provide an innovative feel.

  Junior/Intermediate Teacher


I acquired trained experience in workshops and facilitation to support different holistic needs, such as: academic, mental and emotional health. With lived experience from low-income neighbourhoods, I was able to maintain mindfulness of home situations and diverse experiences. I also made it a priority to continuously research and gather relevant information to actively find ways to provide cultural learning and comprehension. 

Social/Marketing Coordinator ✸  


I produce the company’s written and visual materials through professional copywriting, graphic design, photography and videography efforts. I am trained to manage online events and social media calendars—as well as develop weekly and monthly reports based on metrics and analytics. In this role, I prioritize the value of storytelling in order to effectively increase engagement, convey community development efforts, and assist with overall branding.

Branding Strategist ✸

I helped develop a fresh, consistent branding guideline and professional marketing material for client to follow. I illustrated their custom logo and flyers, as well as coordinated themed contests to increase social media engagement and awareness of events. I researched up-to-date trends to improve storytelling and traffic. I observed metrics and analytics for areas of improvement–using SEO and social media metrics.

Educator ✸


I worked with underserved and newcomer students from grades 3 to 12. I designed culturally relevant content and accommodated lesson plans for students with learning disabilities and/or Individual Educational Plans (IEP). I applied differentiated instruction through use of manipulatives, artistic demonstrations, real world examples and game-based learning. I maintained social perceptiveness of personal circumstances, and provided culturally-relevant instruction through a socially-inclusive lens.



I'd love to learn more about your ideas. Projects are recommended to be scheduled at least 6-8 months in advance in order to appropriately plan for your visual package with care.

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