White Satin

Utilizing marketing and branding to connect storytelling to your diverse needs. Working in collaboration with creative businesses to support your ideas and its community members.

Currently booked for 2022

Please check-in to see updated availability and new spots. Currently accepting new clients for the new year–with focus on branding and design work. 


We are a mentorship and leadership program that seeks to interrupt intergenerational trauma, through enhancing emotional intelligence and addressing mental health challenges.

We currently are rebranding our marketing tools, logos and promotional materials. We needed guidance in training our staff in graphic design as well, to ensure that our target market is aware of the services we provide. Anna has clear-cut vision and is able to bring your marketing desires to life without much explanation. She is extremely personable and clearly gifted in graphic design. Every unique and intricate detail was masterfully designed and executed. She gave great recommendations that only an expert in her field of knowledge could give. We are extremely pleased with the promotional tools, unique concept map and rebranding materials she created for us and will continue to use her for future work.



I'm interested in learning more about your ideas. Projects are recommended to be scheduled at least 6-8 months in advance in order to appropriately plan for your visual package with care. 

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